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Tetra Textured, Powder Free, Talc Free and Latex Free
Esmarch Bandage

Used to control and exclude blood flow during surgical procedures, this innovative new product has a first of its kind textured finish that allows for better gripping and easier application. It is also eco-friendly, and has no added fillers harmful to the environment. This product is TAA Compliant, Formaldahyde Free, Latex Free and MBT Free.

  • Textured to allow better gripping and easier application

  • 100% Powder Free and Talc Free

  • Latex Free

  • Eco-Friendly production

  • Excellent elongation with no weak points

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Tetra Textured, Latex Free Tourniquet
Tear and slip resistant, powder-free, latex free, 1" x 18", 0.62mm thickness. Textured finish makes it easy to grip, tie and untie (non-pnuematic) and eliminates pinching. This Tetra tourniquet uses a formula of synthetic (latex free) rubber that produces the unique non-slip, powder free surface.

  • Textured to allow better gripping and easier application

  • Excellent stretch and recovery

  • Added durability

  • Eco-Friendly production

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Tetra Latex Free and Tag Free 0910 Athletic Supporter
Tetra Athletic Supporter with 2 3/4" wide soft knitted & ribbed waistband and 7/8" wide leg straps provide a more conforming fit and added comfort

  • 100% latex Free

  • Tag Free (no irritating tags)

  • Soft open knit pouch

  • Premium textiles used for added durability

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Tetra-FlexTM CF Clip Free Woven Elastic Bandage
The industry's first heavy-duty premium weave bandage with a CLIP FREE closure system. Our outstanding line of Tetra-Flex bandages just got better with our new Tetra-FlexTM CF (Clip Free) elastic bandage. This bandage provides:

  • Excellent compression

  • Minimal effort to secure and re-adjust

  • Maximum durability, withstands repeat washings and applications

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